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Privacy Policy and Cookie Use


This site is operated by Artgroup Company and is available at

Any references to language such as “our”, “us”, “we” or “company” contained in this policy are references to Artgroup Company, its affiliates, subsidiaries and / or associated companies, as appropriate.

We make every effort to ensure your privacy. The purpose of this “Privacy Policy and Use of Cookies” is to inform you how we may process your personal data. We use information from you solely for the purposes listed below.

From time to time, we may need to update the text of this "Privacy Policy and Use of Cookies." Depending on the nature of the changes, we may contact you to familiarize you with detailed information about such changes. We also recommend that you regularly review this webpage to keep abreast of the latest changes.

What types of personal data do we collect?

Personal data is personal data that can be identified, in accordance with the definition of this concept in current legislation. The personal data that we collect include: data that you provide to us, data that we automatically collect / generate, and data that we receive from third parties.

Data you provide to us:

  • contact details (for example, your last name and first name, email address);
  • online registration information (for example, your password and other authentication information on the site);
  • information provided through an online survey (for example, answers to any surveys);
  • applications for participation in contests and, in certain cases, your marketing preferences.

Data that we automatically collect / generate or receive from third parties:

These types of personal data may be associated with your device (for example, your PC, tablet, or other mobile device), your use of our sites (as well as certain third-party sites with which we have partnerships), and / or your personal preferences, interests or geolocation.

Examples of these types of data:

  • device, operating system, browser or IP address information;
  • unique identifiers associated with your device;
  • information about the web pages you visited;
  • the amount of time you spent viewing certain areas of the website, as well as the date and time of your visit / use;
  • personal data contained in user-created content (for example, blogs and social media posts).

How / when do we collect personal data?

Data you provide to us

There are various situations in which you can voluntarily provide us with personal data. These situations include when you:

  • participate in a contest or join an advertising campaign;
  • fill in an online application form (for example, a survey on user satisfaction);
  • contact us with a request or ask us to give you information;
  • register on the site or leave reviews and comments;
  • attend any of our events;
  • Tell us your marketing preferences, and / or contact us via social networks, third-party applications or similar technologies.

We indicate which personal data from those that we ask to provide is required. We also explain the consequences of your reluctance to provide information that is listed as mandatory. In certain circumstances, this may mean that we will not be able to provide you with certain services.

Data we automatically collect / generate

When you download or use our websites or applications (as well as certain third-party websites with which we have partnerships), we (and our partners) use cookies and similar technologies to automatically collect information from one or more your devices associated with you (see details on the use of cookies and similar technologies below).

We also use certain automated techniques and technologies to display or generate additional information about you, for example, by analyzing or predicting certain personal qualities, such as your personal preferences or interests.

IP addresses

When your web browser or email client makes an Internet request for a web page or email message from a computer, it automatically sends the address to which the computer should send the requested information. This address is the IP address of the computer (IP means “Internet protocol”).

For most users using the Internet, the IP address changes each time they connect. Most IP addresses are associated with certain Internet Service Providers (ISPs), universities or large corporations in specific regions or locations. We receive information about the IP addresses of all users, since this information is transmitted automatically by your web browser every time you visit a web page. IP addresses are usually written to files called log files.

Data we receive from third parties

From time to time we enter into partnerships or use the services of various third parties to collect your personal data from other legitimate third-party sources. Such sources contain information that is in open commercial and / or public access (data aggregators, public databases, social networks of third-party developers and other third-party sites with which we have partnerships).

What is the purpose of your personal data?

Marketing Messages

We may use your personal data to inform you through various channels, such as email, about our products and services, as well as about the products and services of our subsidiaries and parent companies, affiliates and other related with them businesses. You can opt out of receiving further marketing messages at any time, as described in Your Rights section.

Personalized Advertising

We use techniques such as “behavioral advertising” and “programmable advertising”, which include the use of personal data (and their disclosure to our service providers) to show you the most suitable advertising on our sites, in our applications or on third-party sites. individuals (including social networks).

In addition, we may use your personal data (and disclose it to our service providers, as described below) to determine whether you are a member of a particular social network to be able to show you our ads on such services, or to identify you. that have interests and characteristics similar to yours with the goal of providing personalized advertising.

For more information on personalized ads, see the Cookies section.

You can at any time opt out of using your personal data in order to provide personalized advertising - see the section Cookies below, as well as the section Your Rights.

Authentication and Access Control

We may use your personal data to give you access to our websites or applications and to determine what content you should provide and / or whether you should provide access to certain content (for example, depending on your location). We can also use your personal data to verify your identity when we respond to your requests for the exercise of your rights in accordance with applicable law.

Fulfillment of legal obligations and protection from lawsuits or liability

We may use your personal data to fulfill our legal obligations, or to identify or protect us and (or) third parties from errors, negligence, breach of contract, theft, fraud, or other illegal or dangerous activity, to comply with our requirements audit and security, or to verify compliance with our policies, procedures, legal or contractual obligations.

Marketing Analysis

We can use your personal data to conduct a marketing analysis, for example, to assess trends observed among our users, assess consumer opinions about our products and evaluate the effectiveness of marketing campaigns and promotions, as well as to analyze the number and types of visitors to our sites (including the places from which such visitors / users get access to our sites and applications). Usually, for this, we summarize personal data so that it is impossible to determine a person based on them.

Check Online Advertising

We use personal data to monitor our digital advertising to make sure that it does not appear on inappropriate sites or next to inappropriate content, and also to make sure that our advertising is visible and that real people see it on the Internet (and not only "bots" and similar harmful technologies).

Perform Operations

We may use your personal data to provide the services you request, as well as additional services that may be of interest to you.

Corporate operations

We may use your personal data in the event of a sale, merger, consolidation, change of management, transfer of a significant part of assets, financing, reorganization or liquidation of a company, as a result of which we transfer or sell information about our relationship to a third party.

Services for users

We also use your personal data to provide answers to your requests, for example, when you contact our customer service department. We may also use your personal data to notify you of changes to our services, our terms of service, or this “Privacy Policy and Use of Cookies”.


We use personal data to administer the system and diagnose problems with services or technologies that were reported by our users or engineers related to IP addresses that are managed by a specific web company or internet provider.

Send to a friend

When you provide us with information about another person (for example, if you receive a request to send information to someone from one of our websites), we will send the specified person only the information you specified. We will not send additional messages to such a person, based on the information we have about that person.

Cookies and similar technologies

Like most other websites and applications, we use cookies, scripts, pixel tags, web beacons, and similar technologies (collectively called "cookies") that help us collect and store information about visitors to our sites and certain third-party sites with which we have a partnership.

This and the following sections contain information on how we use cookies and how you can control such use.

A cookie is a small array of text information that a website sends to a cookie of a web browser installed on your computer’s hard drive. As a rule, a cookie contains information about the domain from which the cookie was sent, the expiration date of the cookie and the value (usually a randomly generated unique number).

Cookies are very useful because they allow the site to recognize the user's device. For more information on cookies, see

Detailed information on the specific cookies we use and the purposes for which we do this is outlined in the following sections.

There are several ways to manage cookies, as described below. You can also accept cookies or opt out of them by changing your browser settings. For detailed information about the functions of your browser that allow you to manage cookies, see the instructions in your web browser or help. If you use multiple browsers, set the appropriate cookie settings in each browser you use. However, please note that if you turn off cookies, access to some of the interactive features of our website may be limited.

What types of cookies do we use?

We use two basic types of cookies:

  • The main cookies that are sent to the device when you visit our site.
  • Third-party cookies sent by third parties on our behalf when you visit our website and certain third-party websites with which we have a partnership.

What do we use cookies for?

The cookies we use can be divided into four main categories: (1) strictly necessary, (2) operational (3) functional and (4) targeted or promotional cookies. See below for detailed information on each category of cookies.

Strictly necessary cookies

These cookies are necessary for your navigation through the website and the use of its features, such as access to protected sections. Without these cookies, it is impossible to ensure the operation of certain services.

What types of cookies do we use on our website?

An example of the strictly necessary cookies used on our website are content management cookies that ensure the functioning of the content management system on the website, as well as cookies of the template parameters that ensure the functioning of the mobile versions of the websites, their correct appearance and operation. < / p>

We can also use plugins and cookies to interact with social networks. The plug-in for interacting with social networks determines your affiliation to various social networks, such as Facebook and Twitter, and allows you, with the help of your instructions, to establish an interaction between your activity on social networks and your activity on our website. For example, it allows you to use the Like and Share buttons on our website for the social network Facebook and other social networks.

Operational cookies

These cookies collect information about how visitors use the site (for example, information about the most frequently visited web pages, as well as the error messages received by users). These cookies do not collect information that directly identifies the visitor. All the information these cookies collect is aggregated and, therefore, anonymous. They are used solely to improve the performance of the site.

What types of operational cookies do we use on our site?

To analyze the performance of our website, we use the Google Analytics service. This analytic tool uses cookies to collect information from the browsing history of the browser, as well as information about the behavior of visitors in an anonymous generalized form and does not allow to establish your identity.

Information about your use of the website and information about your IP address is transmitted to Google, where it is used to assess user activity on the website, compile statistical reports and create a profile of typical site users based on demography and interest information.

To stop tracking Google Analytics activity on all websites, visit

Functional cookies

These cookies allow the website to remember the choice you made (for example, your username, language, or region) and to provide advanced personalized features. For example, by storing information about the region of your current location in a cookie, the site may show you local weather forecasts or up-to-date traffic information. These cookies can also be used to remember the changes you made to the size of text, font, and other elements of web pages that you can customize. In addition, they can be used to provide the services you request, such as watching a video or commenting on a blog. Information collected by such cookies may be presented anonymously. Cookies in this category cannot track your activity on other sites.

What types of functional cookies do we use on our site?

We can place a cookie to remember your preferences (cookie preferences), eliminating the need to re-enter your data (for example, country and language preferences) on the access page. This is not advisable if you are sharing a computer with others. This cookie automatically expires after 12 months.

We can also use session cookies, which are temporary cookies that store your choices associated with the site and the parameters you selected during the session. Such cookies are deleted as soon as you leave the site.

Target or advertising cookies

These cookies are used to collect information for the purpose of displaying ads relevant to your interests. In addition, they are used to limit the number of times you view ads and assess the effectiveness of an advertising campaign. As a rule, they are hosted by third-party advertising technology providers (for example, ad networks and other digital advertising platforms) with the permission of the site operator.

Such cookies remember the fact that you have visited the site, after which this information is transmitted to other organizations, such as advertising companies. Quite often, targeted or promotional cookies are related to the functionality of the website provided by a third-party organization.

What types of targeted or promotional cookies are we using?

These cookies are used to show content that matches your interests, based on the history of your activity on the Internet, the keywords we received from the URLs of the web pages from which you came to this site, as well as information about your The IP address and search engine you used to access this site.

In addition, these cookies can be used to display personalized advertisements (both on this site and on third-party websites, including third-party social networks) or to limit the number of times your ad is viewed. They are stored on your computer (provided that you have not deleted these files) and remember the fact that you visited the site.

Disabling cookies for targeted advertising?

If you see our advertisements with the AdChoices icon, you can choose your own advertising demonstration settings. This is the AdChoices badge provided by the European Interactive Digital Advertising Alliance (EDAA).

By clicking on this icon, you will receive information about the company displaying targeted ads on sites you visit. You will receive information about the mechanisms of advertising and methods of supporting free content in this type of advertising, as well as other privacy settings.

If you do not want these advertisements to be displayed on sites that you visit, you can go to the user settings page and select companies whose ads you would not like to see.

For more information on how to manage targeted / promotional cookies and how to delete such files, see

Legal grounds for the processing of personal data

We only process your personal data if we have legal grounds for this. Legal grounds depend on the purpose for which we collect or use your personal data. In most cases, the legal basis will be:


For example, if you agreed to receive certain marketing messages from us. You can withdraw your consent at any time, including by clicking the “Unsubscribe” link at the bottom of any marketing message we sent.

Our legitimate business interests

When we need to understand our users, advertise our services and work efficiently, provided that in any case this will be done legally, without improperly affecting your privacy and other rights.

Compliance with legal requirements

We have legal obligations and must use your personal information to fulfill such obligations.

Disclosure of personal data

We respect your personal data and transfer them only to those third parties who provide an adequate level of protection. From time to time we may disclose personal data to the following persons:

  • to third parties, provided that we have received your consent. For example, we pledge to get your direct permission before we allow any third party that is not our affiliate to send you any marketing or advertising information related to the goods or services of such third party;
  • to our service providers and subcontractors, including our affiliates and / or third-party websites (such as social networks and search engines), engaged to perform various functions on our behalf or to provide us with certain services such as marketing and advertising (including the provision of personalized advertising on third-party sites and social networks); monitoring the effectiveness of our digital advertising to make sure that it does not appear on inappropriate sites or next to inappropriate content, as well as to make sure that our advertising is visible and that real people see it on the Internet (and not just “bots” and similar harmful technologies ); software development; hosting and site management; providing legal, accounting, auditing and other professional services; other services related to our activities, provided that the specified service providers and subcontractors have signed agreements with us and collect, use and disclose personal data solely for the purpose of performing the specified functions on our behalf, providing us services, or for other purposes provided by law ;
  • to third parties who, in our reasonable opinion, provide or receive information as your authorized person or designated legal representative;
  • to an individual or legal entity, including our affiliates, in the event of a sale, merger, merger, change of management, transfer of a significant part of assets, financing, reorganization or liquidation of a company, as a result of which we transfer or sell information to such third party your relationships, including, but not limited to, the personal data you provide to us, as well as other information about our relationships with you;
  • law enforcement, government or regulatory agencies, or third parties to fulfill the requirements of current legislation or if we consider such actions necessary to fulfill the requirements of current legislation, or to identify or protect us and (or) third parties from errors, negligence, violation contract, theft, fraud or other illegal or dangerous activity;
  • to comply with our audit and security requirements, or to verify compliance with our corporate policies, procedures, legal or contractual obligations.

Are your personal data being transferred abroad?

Please note that your personal data may be transferred or stored in a place outside the country in which you are located, including countries in which less stringent data protection laws exist than in your country or such laws are completely missing.

Generally accessible sections of our sites and applications

The information you publish on publicly accessible sections of our websites or applications (chat rooms, bulletin boards or discussion groups) and on social networks is publicly available and may be collected and used by other people, which in turn may result to receive spam and other messages from third parties. Do not place your personal data in the public (or interactive) sections of our websites or applications, as well as in social networks.


We take security seriously and take steps to protect your personal data. We have developed proper physical, technological and organizational procedures to ensure the security of the information we collect. However, we do not guarantee the confidentiality of certain messages in the process of their transmission to us. In this regard, we recommend not to include in such messages confidential, secret or personal data.

Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee the 100% security of data transmission over the Internet and data storage systems. If you have reason to believe that your connection with us is no longer secure (for example, you doubt the security of an account on our site), immediately inform us about the problem using the contact information below.

If we consider that the security of your personal data held by us or under our control has been compromised (which is highly unlikely), we will try to inform you about it. If it is necessary to send a notification, we will make every effort to, taking into account the circumstances, send you such a message as soon as possible; if we have your email address, the message will be sent to the email.

We remind you that in accordance with the Terms of Use of this website and (or) the application, you are responsible for maintaining the strictest password for your account, as well as for any actions related to the use of your account and password. You are solely responsible for controlling the distribution and use of your password, controlling access to and use of your account, and informing us of your desire to delete your account. We are not liable for any losses incurred due to your failure to comply with this obligation.

Your Rights

You have certain rights associated with your personal data. Such rights include the right to withdraw your consent to the processing of your personal data (if you have given such consent), to challenge the processing of your data for specific purposes, the right to access your personal data and the ability to erase, restrict and (in certain cases) get a copy of your personal data. data in a machine readable format. In addition, you can opt out of receiving our marketing messages at any time.

If you want to exercise any of your rights, you can contact us (using the contact information below). We process any requests for the exercise of your rights in accordance with current legislation.

You also have the right to file a complaint with the data protection authority if you consider that we process your personal data in a manner that is illegal or violates your rights. If you have such complaints, we recommend that you first contact us (using the contact information below) so that we can examine and, if we succeed, resolve your questions.

How long do we keep your personal data?

We retain your personal data for the period required to complete the tasks defined in this Privacy Policy and the Use of Cookies, unless the law requires or permits data to be stored for a longer period. After the end of this period, the data is deleted or, in some cases, presented in an anonymous form.

We may keep records of our correspondence with you (for example, if you have left a complaint) for such a period as is necessary to protect our company from legal action.

In cases where we collect personal data based on your permission, and we have no other legal basis to continue such processing, if you revoke your permission in the future, we will delete your personal data. However, please note that if you refuse our marketing messages, we will save your email address to make sure that we will no longer send you marketing messages.

Interaction with third-party sites and services

Our websites and applications may contain links or content from other websites and services that are not under our control. Please note that our ability to control such sites and services is limited or completely absent, and this "Privacy Policy and the use of cookies" does not apply to them.

Please read our Privacy Policy and the use of cookies, as well as the Terms of Use of each site or service you visit, using links on our site.

Contact Information

If you have any questions, complaints or concerns about confidentiality, please contact us by sending an email to

Effective Date: 2019-02-02