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«The Multiface of Woman»

«Многогранность женщины» - выставка фоторепродукций картин Валерия Гегамяна

Opening day «The Multiface of Woman». Photographic reproductions of Valery Geghamyan's works at an exhibition at AStA Uni – Bremen University. Bremen, Germany, December 3-23, 2019

«Art Universe Code»

Код художественной вселенной кадр из фильма

Video "Code of the artistic universe" about Valery Gegamian from a series of popular science films about Ukrainian artists. Trailer.


Афиша выставки графики и живописи Валерия Гегамяна в галерее #Artodessa фото

Exhibition of graphics and paintings by Valery Geghamyan in the gallery #Artodessa. Odessa, Gorsad, Summer Theater, October 8-22, 2019

«She Feels Goddes»

«Она чувствует себя богиней» титульное произведение выставки

The exhibition of paintings and drawings by Valery Gegamyan "She feels like a goddess" in the National Museum "Kyiv Art Gallery" March 5-24, 2019