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Award named after Valery Geghamyan

Photo of the sign of the Prize named after Valery Geghamyan

Statuette of the Award named after Valery Geghamyan


Geghamyan Prize – Award for achievements in the field of visual art. Awarded annually.

Photo of the figurine of the 2019 Valery Geghamyan Prize

Laureates of the Prize

Svitlana Nechay-Soroka (2017)

Anton Kovach (2018)

Volodymyr Slepchenko (2019)

Olexandr Britsev (2020)

Nelly Kirman (2020)

Statuette of the Valery Geghamyan Prize 2020 in a case

Traditionally, the figurine and case with a satin bed for the glass figurine are made by the «Slon» company .


A report from “Chocolate House” – a branch of the National Museum “Kiev Art Gallery” – about the opening of an exhibition of the artist's works and the presentation of the Award.