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«The Multiface of Woman»

«Многогранность женщины» - выставка фоторепродукций картин Валерия Гегамяна
December 2019

The exhibition at the University of Bremen is dedicated to all grandmothers, women, girls who have overcome their difficult path to the goal and to happiness. The task of the vernissage is to show how versatile, strong and always unusually beautiful the Woman is.

The event is a continuation of the project “A Woman During Emigration”. The Asta-Universität Bremen hall will feature works by Armenian, Ukrainian, Turkish, Palestinian and Tatar artists.

Evgenia Zybtseva, project curator The Multiface of Woman

Evgenia Zybtseva, project curator
official representative of Foundation by name Valeriy (Valik) Geghamyan in Europa


Asta – Universität Bremen
Bremen, Germany

"The best artist"
Kyiv, Ukraine

Foundation by name Valeriy (Valik) Geghamyan
Kyiv, Ukraine

Exhibition opening hours:

December 03-23, 2019

Bibliothekstraße 3, 28359 Bremen, Deutschland