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Valery Hegamyan's painting is now in the Kyiv Art Gallery

Картина Валерія Гегамяна відтепер у Київській картинній галереї

September 9-10, 2021

Ivona Malevich presented a unique work by Valery Geghamyan from her own collection to the national museum "Kyiv Art Gallery"

The scientific international conference "Art: metamorphoses and discourses", which was organized by the Department of Art Criticism of the NAKKKiM and the Public Organization "The Best Artist", brought together leading art critics, artists, and critics from different parts of the world in Kyiv .

Art: metamorphoses and discourses - event poster

The special guest of the event was Iwona Malewicz, president of the Kazimir Malevich Foundation, curator of art projects, founder of Supremus Neuveau, granddaughter of Kazimir Malevich.

She joined the work of the scientific meeting, opened a collective exhibition of modern art and abstraction, and also had the opportunity to visit cultural and artistic institutions of the capital.

During the visit to the national museum "Kyiv Art Gallery", the distinguished guest had the opportunity to hand over the unique work "The Bridegroom" by Valery Geghamyan, the Ukrainian artist of Armenian origin, teacher, founder and dean the first faculty of art and graphic in Ukraine. Ivona Malevich received such an honor for her service to art and close cooperation with the Valery Geghamyan Foundation.

Valery Geghamyan's works have been repeatedly presented at exhibitions in the national museum "Kyiv Art Gallery". Every time the opening of his exhibitions is accompanied by a certain excitement, because the figure of the artist and his work constantly arouse sincere interest and admiration in visitors.

Ivona Malevich hands over Valery Geghamyan

The combination of acute social themes and Hegamyan's highly professional painting and drawing technique draws attention to the problems of socialization. And as Ivona Malevich said during the transfer of the painting: "Valery Geghamyan is the artist who thought broadly, was not interested in the current situation and did not serve the social order".

From now on, one of Valery Geghamyan's works was included in the collection of the Kyiv Art Gallery. And for me it is a special honor to transfer this unique picture to the beautiful collection of the national museum.